Monday, January 28, 2013

Rated P.G.

It's official.

After all the fiasco in the senate over the "Christmas gifts" of 1.6M pesos each ($40,000.00) senator and the brouhaha over Camarines Sur being divided into two more provinces and the Villafuerte clan slugging it out in media by calling names to each other, I have lost all respect to the ding-a-ling government officials that run this country.

At first, I thought it was pathetic that many of the senators, congressmen and local government officials running for parliamentary and local government seats are actually "sound alike" names because of their parents, grandparents or whatever degree of relatives they have sitting in government. I mean, really - Nancy Binay? What the hell in the world is she even doing running for senator except for the fact that her father is already Vice-President, her brother is Mayor and a sister is Congresswoman. Dang! Imagine that, another Binay. Sanamagan. I was waiting for their pets to run for public office as well.

In Manila, you have an ex-President convicted of plundering this whole country running for Mayor! Shoot! Erap and Dirty Harry used to be best of friends. I guess this just goes to show that in politics, where money is without doubt flowing in abundance, there are no friends. There must be something in the political arena that makes governing attractive as a business enterprise. If the Sys, Gokongweis, and other taipans own the real estate and mall business, well the Aquinos, Binays, Villars, Villafuertes, Cayetanos et al. run the government business as well.

When they started mudslinging each other in public, their dirty linen was exposed. In short, the funds appropriated to their respective offices should be spent for the people. It's like, one for you and five for for you and ten for for you and gazillion for me. Hanep naman! Ang tawag diyan - suwapang! Magtira naman kayo para sa iba na mangurakot!

When it's a doctor that does not issue a receipt for P1000.00 consultation, Madam Kim the great goes after him or her with all her power and might and pffft...presto...the doctor is in the newspaper and all guns blazing is accused of tax evasion. But all the dear f*ck*d up senator has to do is produce a piece of paper that "certifies" where the money they pick up is appropriated to. No questions asked. What the?!?!?! Putres na buhay ito noh! Sabi nga nila...ang magnanakaw, eh gaya gaya lang sa ibang magnanakaw!!!

Gimme a break when Aga Muhlach declares that he is running for congressman because he knows he can help the people in Camarines. My golly - tumatakbo ka kasi laos ka na!! He's a has been and politics is always the arena for all has beens. Wala ng racket. Eh may mga uto uto na following. Kaya eto, tatakbo na lang sa congreso. Pustahan tayo pag tumakbo si Vice Ganda sa Camarines eh talo ka!

But to believe that JPEnrile is actually a hero because he was the senate president in the ouster of Chief Justice Renato Corona is beyond me. The guy is a master tactician at politics. Read - madami siyang nauto. Magaling siya. He survived Marcos, Cory, Ramos, Erap (he was against his opening of the secret envelope), Gloria and he will outlast PNoy. For a man to survive all these, he should have just run for president. But he won't win. He doesn't have the charisma. He would rather play politics. At least Miriam in all her lucid moments has the guts to spew putrid words against JPE.

If there is something the Pinoys so love, it's a telenovela that has all the slapping, cursing, hating, killing, shouting, and the drama and comedy all molded into one. Why do you think they think BBGandahari is a goddess? There's really something terribly wrong with the Filipino voters and I will say it, with more than 80% of the Filipinos who troop to the polls every 3 years hoping that whoever they vote for will change the way we see ourselves as a people.

With all this crap going around, there's really little hope that after PNoy's chant on good governance and his stint as president, the good governance slogan will last way past his presidency. You see, without any doubt, the rotten system runs deep. Really really deep. It will take 3 generations to change the system. And you and I won't be alive to see that happen anytime soon.

And I'm willing to bet my balls with Edwin Lacierda's balls that when his boss has stepped down from public office, give the next excellency and his henchmen 6 months and we're back to square one.

It's really more fun in the Philippines. Where even an election is rated P.G.


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