Friday, May 6, 2016

Living La Vida in Spain (Part 2)

From Madrid to Barcelona, is a very short 1 hr flight. Tip is not to take Iberia Airlines. There is a shuttle flight from Madrid to Barcelona (and back). The local Iberia flight is NOT a shuttle flight and is very very far from the gate of the Barcelona Airport, to the baggage area, to the ride into the city. The walk, the wait, and the walk again clearly took us almost 1 hour!!

This is not my first time in Barcelona. Was here a few years back, but didn't enjoy the last time because I was robbed in Milan. You can review my blog for that story. Moving on...we ended up in Barcelona because this is the technical stop for Singapore Airlines flight back to Manila (via Singapore). I didn't want to be waking up at 3 in the morning in Madrid to catch the 1040AM flight out of Barcelona. Relaxation was the key to this trip, so an extra 2 days in Barcelona was so worth the side trip.

And the third time in Barcelona was a charm. The Casa Batlla was on the list and I immensely enjoyed this experience. Plaça Real along La Rambla was also on the list. After walking several kilometers, the eclectic ambience of Barcelona was such a charm. There's a Filipino in almost every hospitality service and the consulate of the Philippines is in Plaça Real. Hotel Omm was part of that charm as it was located in the best place one could be - right beside Prada (my favorite store) and the Diagonal exit Metro (subway) at the heart of the city! The boutique hotel is also wonderful in terms of service and ambience.

The icing to the cap of our Barcelona trip is the dining at the beach, which came as a feature of Hotel Omm. I think it's an experience that everyone should not miss. We had our meal at the Pez Vela at the W Hotel. The food and service was excellent and the view, was way too much to describe.

Living the only life we have should be one without regrets and fully appreciated. We toil each day to make a living, but at the end, the memories we have of a life well lived will last our lifetime.

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