Thursday, October 23, 2008

Game of the Generals

The headlines called the 8 PNP generals, the Euro Generals, after the fiasco in Russia.

The 8-man Philippine contingent that went to St. Petersburg, Russia to attend the 77the Interpol meeting, embarrassed the Philippines when retired comptroller MR. de la Paz had tried to take out of Russia 6.9Million Pesos (105,300 euros) on their return trip over a week ago.

Instead of the government officials pacifying a mad crowd, it sent mixed messages to the Filipinos by "defending" the retired general from why in heaven's name he was carrying that much CASH with him.

The day after the news had hit local media, DILG Secretary Puno was seen scrambling to defend his generals, saying that it was an approved budget but to the tune of 2.3 and not 6.9Million Pesos. But Puno had to save face and thereby explained that the money was to cover for airfare, accomodations, allowance, food expenses and other "contingency funds". The next few days were more embarrasing because we had one general covering up another general and Puno flip-flopping on the flak that has been barraging his office.

First and foremost, I cannot help but be filled with anger. Anger because this government has made each and everyone of us look really stupid, if we were to accept the reasons provided as to why de la Paz still had 105,300 euros that were undeclared when he was exiting Russia!

You don't go right up to the airline counter and say, hey you, I'm buying a ticket to Moscow right here and right now. Nor do you go up to the hotel and say, hey buddy, you got a room for $200 a night? Give my 8 buddies and their wives a room each and I'll pay you in cash!!?!?!?!!? And when one of the generals DO GET SICK during the trip, you don't bring up that wad of cash at the hospital and say, fix him I've got the dough. And even if they claim that the money was to pay for the total expenses of the generals - why was there so much moolah left?!?!?!?!?

And this is not like the first time these generals are on a field trip.

These events take months of planning. Since the government knew that de la Paz was already retiring this month, during his trip to Russia, why did they still send the guy? You don't send someone who even if he undergoes training in a conference will NOT be useful to the police force any longer.

There are more questions than answers in this Game of the Euro Generals and unless Ate Glue do something about this dilemma that her generals are caught in, it makes more sense to let Sen. Trillanes out and put these generals in jail where they belong until they sing the right song.

They say that money can buy anything. So how much are the souls of our cops?

No wonder this country is looked down by foreigners in terms of graft and corruption. But you can always have Justice Secretary Gonzalez try to use his decrepit tongue and foul mouth try to salvage the President and her humpty dumpty men.

Election is about 1 1/2 years into the corner my friends. It is time change the realm of Philippine Politics.

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