Sunday, March 8, 2009

Lenten sacrifice

Ash Wednesday officially ushered the season of Lent in the Roman Catholic calender. Of course, it was a time to reflect on the passion and death of Jesus Christ. Ash Wednesday was a holy day of obligation. Catholics, which comprise around 80% of the total Philippine population's religion flocked to churches. Some to celebrate mass and begin the 40 days reflection on the lenten season. Others to have simply ashes crossed on their forehead.

It was a day of fasting and abstinence. For those who had received their first holy communion and those less than 60 years old, fasting was required, unless there are medical conditions that will impede this obligation. Abstinence from meat was mandatory for all.

Ironic was the fact that at the university, most of the medical and nursing students that had their foreheads crossed with ashes were having hotdogs, tapa, tocino, longganiza right after the morning mass. Dang!!!! The abstinence from meat on a Friday of each holy week is optional. This can be substituted for some other form of abstinence. But not on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. These are two days of the liturgical year that mandates obligatory abstention from meat. The church proposes that since people are into so much high tech stuff, we abstain from using the mobile form (in any form - text or call) every Friday for the holy week. The uproar came from the youth! No way Jose!

Back in the face of our church leaders. If they can't abstain from meat on the Fridays of lent, what more parting with text and call from mobile phones. Or better yet, no internet or laptop or computer usage on all Fridays of lent?

Let's face it. Many have lost the meaning of the words LENT and SACRIFICE. Sad, but true. And farcically, the church goers just trek to church not to really participate in mass but to grudgingly show-off like the Pharisees that they are "holier than though". My partner was right. If you're not really into the spirit, you don't need to show off what you don't take seriously.

Pharisees in modern times - they are aplenty and they're found around every corner of this predominantly Catholic country. Crucify them!!!!!!!!!!

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