Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My turn

If there is something that I cannot stand, it's a coward.

And after the apology of Adam Carolla, it just goes to show that the guy has no balls at all.

You go on podcast and lambast a nation and it's icon, bitch about it and give your views and comments, and then you apologize? Watdfuk?!?!?!

Mr. Carolla, if you're going to be doing this, you should get a freaking life man! You shouldn't have even bothered to open your mouth on this issue and you can even take that sh*tty guy you were conversing with on your podcast up your ass and then defecate on the mountainous garbage in our alleys for all I care. The guy even sounded worst than an autistic kid who just kept saying amen to all the thrashing you were spewing!

Yeah man, yeah...hahaha...yeah sure...you know...yeah...you know...yeah...hahaha...I'm with you man....

No balls! Damn these idiots who go on the air and blabber just for the sake of attention. Then apologize in the end as if it were going to go away. Never mind if you didn't apologize and stood by what you said. But noooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! You didn't want to offend anyone in the end?!?!?! Sanamagan this American idiot!


How would Americans feels if I started lambasting someone like your venerated Tiger Woods or your president?

Like yeah, Woods was seen apologizing about his indiscretions on CNN today. The horny boy should have just shoved his thing into his mouth and shut up. He didn't even look really sorry for what he did. Sex addict! The guy is sick as hell and shouldn't even be on the golf course. He can take his golf clubs, shove it up his ass with all those golf balls. Woods has no more money! There! Gotcha! He needs the moolah and he's not coming back to the greens for his love of golf. It's a living and the guy after 45 days off the green comes back and says - I am sorry!

I've heard that line before. From our very own president! And now from you! Shi*ty excuses after committing serious offenses and then wow! You have the guts to apologize. Seriously, if you were as sincere as Woods, then you can eat my s*#t!

You were actually a virtual unknown in the Philippines until you opened your mouth.

Ironic is that some (or many) agreed with what you said. Even Filipinos.

Then you had a change of heart. Sanamagan.

It meant that you were either on drugs during that podcast or wanted to get some attention of which you needed badly because of a failing (or should I say failed) TV and media career. You weren't even much of a comedian. Loser!

A word of advice - think before you talk. Saying sorry or apologizing is a pathetic excuse for those who don't have brains.

It is true that we are entitled to our own opinion, you need to stand by it. Even if you cross the line. If you can't, shut up and just roll over and die. You would have done a favor to the world.

(Disclosure: This is a personal opinion. The conversation above is dedicated to Adam. Everyone else who is reading this are mere spectators of our conversation. You were all simply listening in!)


Anonymous said...

You are right, CRAYOLA should roll over and die- on the nose, my friend!

Unknown said...

People like him (by the way, who is he???)...should be thrown to hell!