Monday, November 10, 2008


On November 16, my partner and I are celebrating our fifth year of being together.

Five years.

I never knew what monthsary meant until I met my partner. Unlike many stories, we didn't hit it off well at our first "date". Our discrepancy in age seemed to be the biggest barrier of all. After a few months, we eventually settled into a relationship.

Like many relationships, each of them are different. They are similar though when it comes to commitment - seeing how we can sustain to make it work in spite and despite all odds. There is, however, no perfect relationship. Those committing to seeing it to fruition must understand the failures and successes that go together with it. And every day is a work in progress.

My partner has been a source of inspiration to me. Although much younger than me, his patience is a feat that I admire. Grace under pressure is something that I believe I lack. He's the person that I talk to when I have insurmountable problems. I only wish that he'd share more of his frustrations with me. But over the years, I've learned the fact that he is not the kind of person that would want me worrying over frivolities in life.

Five years.

Yup! We're still learning to explore a little more of life from each other. My world, his life, his life...there's so much to talk about but the silence between our worlds is also the depth of our discovery of our relationship...

There will always be a part of me that will always have my heart tugging everytime I hear him, see him...and that part of me will always say - Thank You...for being part of me. This time, not in months, but in years.

And wherever the road takes me in life, I thank you for having been part of me. I look forward to more years together, not counting the times we've laughed and cried anymore, but being happy just the way we want to be.

Happy Anniversary Bubba!

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