Tuesday, January 19, 2010

CSI Manila (Jason Ivler arrest)

You gotta hand it to the Filipino police (or should I say, NBI, but what's the difference)!

I was watching the news of the arrest of Jason Ivler, the fugitive Fil-Am who's wanted for 2 counts of murder. The long and short story of it was that he has involved in a road rage a year ago, and a repeat performance of his anger on a few months ago. A P1Million ($22,000) had a bounty on his head, after the second murder on the son of a Malacanan official.

I am attaching the link as seen on You Tube on his arrest.

It was interesting how media men handled the crime scene by being on the way, grabbing the camera during the shooting melee, pointing at the weapons and places in the house where the arrest took place with their fingers, how Ivler was carried out of his house with barely his shorts and underwear showing and his butt all in the air.

I think I watch too much CSI, Criminal Minds, the Mentalist, and other American detective shows that I think we treat crimes here like some sensational show. Darn it! And when the media men get shot during the operation, they cry that the cops didn't handle the scene of the crime well. Sanamagan this country!

Of course, had the media not been there (not only to blunder the whole operation and cover the arrest), Ivler would have met Satan earlier!

Watch the video clip:


While I am not a fan of GMA, I am in awe with Cerge Remonde, her faithful press secretary. She is lucky to have had someone who would die for her (literally and figuratively). My condolences to his family whom he left behind. At 11:54AM this morning, Mr. Remonde, at 51 years old, passed away after a heart attack in his residence.

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