Sunday, August 22, 2010

The storms in our lives

Just when you think that life is treating you well, there comes a point when all begins to just cave in.

It can be the loss of a loved one, losing a job, being betrayed by a close friend or your better half, losing your savings or home due to catastrophic events of nature, a victim of criminal offense, or even just plain injustice in the work place or school.

We all fall into circumstances when even having to wake up to a brand new day becomes laborious and painful. No one is exempted from this feeling. It is a fact of life. No one ever said that everything we have comes in a silver platter.

Some had to experience pain before becoming who they are today. Take Manny Pacquiao and Charice Pempengco as basic examples. Both uneducated, they had their own life stories and fought their battles well. Success, they say, comes to those who wait. And while patience is a virtue, it is undeniable that life, sometimes, can be a bitch.

Reality is that in this world, there will always be two players - the protagonist and the antagonist. In Filipino, we call this BIDA and CONTRABIDA. I mean, really, life would be such a bore if everyone would be winners! You'd just have neighbors with BMWs and Audis and Jaguars trying to outdo each other with who has the most money! If everyone had money, who would be our household help? It would mean that even Inday would be earning P1Million a month just to clean your home and she too would be rich!

Or if everyone was pretty and handsome. What do we do with the fat, ugly and pudgy people? Incinerate them?

There is nothing fair in this world. And if we remain cynical rather than facing reality, then we lose finding ourselves in the process. They say that "to one's life some rain must fall". The challenges life poses is not just "making it through the rain" but to the rainbow after the rain and emerge as a better, and stronger person.

I believe in karmas. And while life may not be fair to us today, some people who've remained oppressors will get their day of reckoning. After all, you can't be always on top. Sometimes, you'll need to hit rock bottom to appreciate the climb.

The storms in our lives should teach us to become better and not bitter persons. Only then can we appreciate and enjoy the calm after each storm.

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