Friday, April 8, 2011

American Idol Season 10 - why this season sucks big time!

So there you have it.

I really didn't mind Thia Megia and Naimi Adedapo getting eliminated. But Pia Toscano?

She's not only star material because of beauty, she leaves the show because some teeny bopper horny kids whose got unlimited texts putting the boys (some of who should have gone home early on) left in the running.

Of the 8 remaining, only 2 are women. The rest are boys.

At the rate that it's running, it should be curtain time for AI.

It's sad that talents are not recognized in this show and it seems to be that people are just voting based on popularity.

And AI has a history of voting for an Idol but not eventually even being a big hit, hits rock bottom tonight. Was this intentional on the part of the producers? From the grapevine is the fact that AI has been losing ground among its audience. I'm not surprised that they pulled one to shock the audience and keep the votes coming.

They need to change the format soon. Otherwise, the next one going home is....Ryan Seacrest.

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