Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Greek Vacation (Santorini - Ammoudi)

Santorini is a small island with many interesting villages.

How to go around in Santorini which is 35 kilometers from the north tip Oia to the south tip Akrotiri can be achieved either by bus, taxi or rent a car. With 10euros worth of gas, the rented Nissan Micra should be able to make going around the island far easier and relaxing. And while the locals complain and warn against foreigners who drink and drive and prefer to be adventurous driving motorcycles or mopeds, I told the car rental that I am Filipino. If you can drive in Manila, you can drive anywhere in the world!

On the farthest end to the north side is Ammoudi, a fishing village at the bottom of Oia.

Lunch was at Katina. The New York Time highly recommends the place and nothing gets more authentic than having the most freshly caught seafood served on your platter. With Greek Salad, Visanto wines, and 1 Kg of fresh Lobster, who could go wrong with this place?

On the way back from Ammoudi, we made a short stop in Imerovigli to get some dessert.

Who cares about the poundage I will gain in the next few days? If you're in heaven in a wonderful island like Santorini, you've got to make the most of it.

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Oklungz said...

Hi! I want to vacation in Santorini! Did you use a travel agency for this trip? If so, can I have their contact details or website? Can you maybe email me your itinerary? edhel_espyn@yahoodotcom

Thanks! :)