Saturday, February 6, 2010

Happy valentine or happy lunar new year?

This year, strangely enough or by a stroke of luck, Valentine's Day falls on the Lunar Calendar of the Chinese New Year. The latter ushers in the Year of the Metal Tiger.

You can google the internet for the history of Valentine's Day. It is said to be in commemoration of something (love, affection and companionship), but also in commemoration of St. Valentine's (consecrated by Pope Gelasius in 496 AD). As to how the saint and cupid ever got involved in the tradition of celebrating Valentine's Day as a "Araw ng Kapuso", well it's a trivia that I discovered, seemed to have no connection at all.

But you've got to hand it to the Americans, who seemed to have brought so much commercialism to this day. With Esther Howland (from Worcestershire, Massachusetts) creating specially hand made greeting cards, eventually paving the way for the much ballyhooed event where lovers pledge allegiance and spend horrendously on flowers and candies pegged at 300-500% of it's actual retail price! Talk about highway robbery!

Did you know that since 1900, this is the only the third time that Valentine's Day and the Chinese New Year fall exactly on the same day?

Anyway, my crystal ball shows that 2010 is the Year of the Tiger, which arrives actually of February 4 and culminates the Lunar New Year on the 14th of February. Of all the elements (fire, water, wood, metal and earth), 2010 falls under the metal element. And while Gold is a metal (which is probably the reason why a lot of people think that it will be a prosperous year), the metal element is symbolized by the color White. The color white is symbolic as bad luck or karma or death in the Chinese astrological history.

The Chinese Astrology is more complex than the usual astrological science many of us are familiar with. The elements and animals are theorized to play a complex role in the Yin and Yang (or the balance) in this world. It is said that the metal and tiger are the worst of enemies as they fight among themselves. Which means that this will be a more turbulent year in terms of economic recovery (perhaps that's why you should not splurge this valentine's day?).

People born in the year of the tiger are authoritative and strong. However, they have very poor people relationship, especially with family members. In the Chinese tradition, people born in the year of the tiger are unwelcome in weddings (and hence, are uninvited).

Those born in the year of the Snake, Monkey and Tiger will not share good relations this year.

Using these elements and the Astrology birth chart predicts the Feng Shui of your life based on the Chinese astrology.

There is no truth that love will conquer all this year because of the combined effort of Valentine's Day and the Year of the Tiger! They are two different beliefs and traditions.

Valentine's Day is simply in commemoration of St. Valentine's. The other celebration (of hearts and love) is commercialism at work. If you truly love one another, you do not need a day to express it. Everyday, should be Valentine's day. It's the way love should be properly expressed - everyday.

As to the Chinese astrological predictions, well, I've always said that our paths and fate are sealed from the day we were born. We make our own life. How we live each day and mold ourselves to be the best is up to us. While there is such a thing as destiny, we chart it ourselves. Perhaps, to some degree, the complex lives we all lead is controlled by a higher being (depending on what religion you believe in).

I believe that we are all destined for a purpose in this world. We just need to find it and be the best in who and what we are.

Kung Hei Fat Choi!!!

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