Sunday, March 7, 2010


Hey, fuck you, you are a big big asshole. You think you are good but you are really not. You are so fake. From Me.

I was amused that I ticked off someone with my blog on AI. This was the comment I received from this blog.

While blogging and writing can receive both good and bad comments, reactions like these only show how immature the responses of some readers are.

Of course I do not expect good reviews. The blog is opinionated and every reader in entitled to his or her own opinion, much in the same way that the blogging is opinion-based as well. But that is what writing is all about. It expresses that freedom which many of us dish out so freely, because it is what it is. And you can counter argue that the comment left by the reader is his/her opinion as well.

I will not argue with whoever commented in the above manner. However, anyone who curses and uses such vile language and writes down his pseudonym as Anonymous is humor to me. They actually have no balls nor brain to make a constructive criticism as well. But thank you Anonymous for visiting my blogsite. And to give you credit, I have dedicated one blog article just for you. Imagine that! You should be proud I even took the time to give you space when no space is needed for ghosts like you.

People like "Anonymous" should and will remain as such. They have no contribution to society, except to stay as anonymous. Their opinions don't matter. And anonymity is tantamount to non-existence in this world.

N.B. What is fantastic about technology is that I have installed care of, a counter (and more) for my blogsite. This counter identifies who and where my comments are coming from. Click on the sitemeter below each page and you'll know what I mean. I think everyone should install this, as it is free and you can find out where the followers and the noisemakers are coming from.

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