Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Happy Pill

It's strange how people define what makes them happy.

To some, it may be tons of cash while to others, a simple dream fulfilled is all that matters.

I recall that my childhood years were filled with memories of both happiness and struggles. My parents made sure that we had food on the table, a house over our heads, and went to good schools. When my father passed away, he didn't have enough money in his savings for his own coffin. Which told you the kind of man he was. That all he worked for went to his children. That he was never stingy in any way. He was stern in rearing us to earn well for material things but those material things were meant for spending.

My parents toiled day and night to give us a better future...and they did not even blink when they had to give up even the last coin in their pockets. And while it hurt to see them squeeze the last centavo, they found happiness in giving till it hurt.

That's what made them happy.

It's the kind of happiness that defines love to the core.

It's the kind of happiness that when you recall those days, it puts a smile on your face and sheds a tear to your eyes.

It's the kind of happiness that requires no repayment.

It's the kind of happiness that makes you know, that you're important in someone else's life. When someone is willing to give up even the smallest piece of bread so that you've had your fill, that is called love.

There are many things that make me happy because I am not a materialistic person. I am most happy when I see my family together, spend senseless Tuesdays with my aging mother whom I fondly call Inang, be with my partner even for just a few hours in the week talking (or not talking) about senseless stuff, sharing dinner in a fancy restaurant with the whole family (did I mention that we love to eat?), getting a good massage at my favorite spa, and spoil my family to death.

Some people say that I have mellowed with age (or have aged and mellowed). As I got older in my profession, I came to discover a pill that suits all people regardless of age or illness. It's one that is a free supplement to whatever maintenance medicines I'm currently on. It's the only one that I can truly say, has no safety issues as it is absolutely safe. I call it the happy pill.

The happy pill does not recognize envy or greed. It has no fear of what others will say because it stands on solid principles of integrity of one self. It has no fear of where life will lead us because it knows that we just make each day a happy day so that when time is up, we're ready to leave this worldly earth.

I told myself that if I lived to be 60 I should be happy. No one gets the grace to live that long. My father didn't make it. He died at 59. Any more years after 60 is already a bonus. Anyone who lives after 70 has super extra lives. They're either destined to do more good or to do more bad (look at our politicians...hehehe).

But seriously, today, I've learned to live one day at a time. One dream a day. I've written a bucket list and am learning to cross out those that I have achieved. Then I move on. One goal at a time.

Yup. With my new found medicine, called the happy pill, I know that whatever I achieve, will be done in my time...in God's time. We all have our destiny.

This is mine.