Thursday, May 20, 2010

Noynoy and the noise around him

Without doubt, Noynoy Aquino won the recent May 10, 2010 Presidential election in the Philippines.

I am not a political analyst and will not pretend to be one in this short blog.

I am a Filipino citizen. I did my duty for my country. I voted for him because I saw in him the essence of change and the reason for continuing to dream on for a better Philippines. I remain cynical about this though. Perhaps, the country will not change overnight, nor in my lifetime, but I would like to believe that ethics and proper moral values can be the agent of change and not remain an elusive dream for this country.

Post-election, however, has not been kind.

While many issues surrounding the sitting president remain and will certainly hound his cabinet and our government, I believe that many things can be resolved amicably.

There are bad seeds that were planted by GMA. That is undeniable. Those will need a lot of work to get weeded.

However, a few good men in the cabinet of GMA should be given a standing ovation because they did not use political mileage in order to further the poison of greed and corruption.

What disturbs me though are the noisemakers around Noynoy. Even when I was in Tokyo after the election, the noisemakers were merrily providing ill-advise to him. While I have nothing against suggestions, opinions, and recommendations, Noynoy must be able to dig deeper into his mind and heart and not just trust all these people.

I am a firm believer that many of these politicians giving him advice, have vested interests as well.

And even before he has sat down as the highest official in the land, there is so much noise coming from them and from the media launching so much hate and animosity from the get go.

All beginnings are hard, but humility is a giant step towards reconciliation. If Noynoy is really bent on changing this country for the better, this step must be taken.

It is difficult to carry a heavy burden even before one has started his career. There will be intrigues, and more greed and corruption.

As evident in the results of the election, the Filipinos have not learned a lesson yet. There are still some dynasties and bad eggs that are in the basket. Animosity only breeds contempt.

I voted for you to become our next leader. All of us have ONE vote. These votes collectively put in your hands the future of our country. You DO NOT OWE any single person anything that you need to pay back in return. I spent money to campaign for you as well. The least I expect is that you serve the people, the country well.

It is time to douse water on these noisemakers. It is time that Noynoy stands up on his own. Only then, can he be a good president.

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