Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Three letters in a word.

I will be myself today - bitchy. I think the rainy season has started. Much earlier than predicted. Nevertheless, so has my ascerbic mood.

For the last month, the local newspapers have splattered the dire economic condition of the Philippines. It's as if the Philippine economy was on the verge on collapse and the escalating gas and food prices are making the Filipinos go hungry.

So why?

- why is it that those who don't pay taxes complain the most? (read, those in the squatters aream, those medicants, those that don't work, the daily wage earners who don't even pay a single peso out of their earnings for taxes)
- squatters have more rights than the landowners who pay taxes for the land that isn't developed yet are squatted on?
- are overseas foreign workers (OFWs) and employees financing the government? Thanks to us hard working employees, the Filipinos, particularly the politicians, are still alive. That's the reason why Gloria borrows money so that we can pay for the loan.
- in spite of the increasing prices of goods and commodities (even the most basic ones)and public utilities, was value added tax (VAT) passed into law? That's because the IMF (International Monetary Fund) demanded it. And thanks to ex-Senator Ralph Recto, who was responsible for the VAT, we are all paying more. And he's not senator anymore. But since his wife is governor of Batangas, well, what more can I say? Jologs talaga ng pinoy!
- are the doctors, teachers, engineers, nurses flocking the exit lane of this country to work abroad?
- is it than when Gloria is embroiled in a scandal - a bombing, crisis or massacre hogs the limelight?
- the Filipino will perennially complain of the rising cost of basic commodities and utilities, and will even march the streets to ask for a rollback on these, but will meekly buy even the most expensive mobile phone or purchase an ipod or MP3? They don't seem to have a problem purchasing 'gadgets'.
- did the Catholic Church have a second collection last weekend to help the victims of Myanmar? I am not against helping our fellow brothers. But since the Burmese government will not help its own people and the generals are aloof enough not to accept help from other countries, why provide monetary donations to them and get a second collection? I guess the prelates need to look around the country and they will find that more help is needed within the country rather than outside. Besides, some of the bishops are complaining that the collections each Sunday are dwindling. Hey, home first, other later. The Pinoys are so show off!
- is Gloria sending a disaster team to China? There was a disaster in northern luzon with Typhoon Cosme ravaging the region late last week. Send the medical team there. There are many barangays and towns that don't have doctors even on a regular day and sick people have no access to minimum healthcare in many places in the Philippines. Gloria should send her health teams there and not to some expedition in China. My dear president, the people in China are more far advanced already than we are.

My poor country.

Pathetic people run this nation.

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