Monday, November 17, 2008

PLDT and BPI - crashing!!!!

Over the weekend, up to the this blogging, I had no DSL (my internet service provider).

myDSL which is run by PLDT claims to be one of the most efficient ISPs. So when I got them as my ISP even though the P999 a month for 1mbps is the most expensive among the ISPs, the conglomerate PLDT must be worth it, so I thought. WRONG!!!!

Someone should slap Manny Pangilinan the silly so that he can probably awaken to the fact that his company is not performing well with the subscribers.

It has become a horrible nightmare for me to have to wait for my modem on my desk to have the light on the DSL side disappear. And this happens EVERY MONTH. There is not a day in a month that this does not happen. Every month...every month...I'm actually sick and tired of having to call 171 (PLDT's hotline) to report that my ISP is down or slow or retarded or whatever! Just so frustrating. And you can't even get a rebate from the days that you're inconvenienced and whent he whole system is out of order.

PLDT always informs me that there is no problem with the connection in the area. So that leaves me in the quandry that I may be the unluckiest subscriber they have - they come to fix the line, change the cables, change the it, they've done it!

I pay my bills through phone banking. I bank with BPI. Over the weekend, AGAIN, I was going to pay my SkyCable (Cable TV) through phone banking. Guess what? When I attempted to dial my telephone PIN, an automatic recording informs me that I have had several attempts and they are canceling the transaction.

My goodness! I thought the sky fell on earth that weekend. I scrambled to call the customer service but the customer service of BPI is forever!!! They make you wait gazillion years before you can talk to a human being.

Then when I got to talk to a humanoid, she tells me that I have had 10 attempts in the past (accumulated) and that it automatically blocks my ephone service. My goodness! I have never had a wrong attempt in the past and when I told her to give me the dates, she tells me that there are no dates, just an accumulated number which automatically shuts the system when I have had 10 attempts! Now isn't that the worst type of IT Department in the world? And it's a bank! Supposedly, one of the bigger banks in this country. But run by no-brainers....

So I have an overdue account and no thanks to BPI.

What ever happened to regular banking and what happens when the whole computer system in this country crashes? That will leave our bright boys who run the techie world in wonderland. Talk to the laptop or the might answer you back.

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