Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Gaga and Lady Gaga

The president has a penchant for luxury. And her ministerial entourage will always try to defend the luxurious spending, whether it is people's money or it is their own. The latter is rather indistinguishable considering that you are in government and that politicians have a difficult and iffy time trying to discern which of the money in the coffers or in their pockets are theirs and which belong to the people. Of course, the majority of our government officials have very poor arithmetic background, so it's a "one for you, one million for me" rhythmic chant when counting money.

Scandalous to say the least on splurging on caviar, champagne, lobster and steak. Why not? After all, she happens to be president. But there is a limit on what you can eat. Never mind if it is out of your pocket, but if it is from the average Juan de la Cruz, whatever she's stuffing into her mouth has got to be counted not in terms of caloric intake, but in terms of the peso contribution of the average Juan. The rah-rah boys and girls should just shut the f**k up if they want to defend her. They have been incarcerated for the longest time and have no morals anyway. A calloused nation is what we are and we are either stupor dead in the expenditure extravaganza of this administration or have joined the pig stye. In Pilipino, we call that "Gaga".

We seem to be so masochistic that we do not even have the time nor energy to get involved in having the assholes kicked out of office. Never mind if we kicked out former president and movie star Erap, but to get the Pulse Asia survey that we would want him back in office is damn rightfully deserving for the Filipino crap that is suicidal in nature. We should just go ahead and hang ourselves or have ourselves castrated.

And for the house speaker to comment that Infomercials of the government branches are okay with the various agency secretaries who are planning to run in the 2010 election flashing their ugly faces on the screen is a no-brainer for NogNog. Shameful. That's all I can say. No morals, no ethics. No Laban! With the passing away of Cory Aquino, the devils have won this round and they continue to desecrate the face of the Philippines by explicitly being the sadists that government officials are.

On a lighter note though, I needed to take a break from all this political hogwash, so off to the Lady Gaga concert I went last Tuesday. It was a 1 hour show. The front act called Pedicab was pure noise. I don't know why some people in the audience went gaga over the songs they sang, but it was pure noise. The youth can call it anything they want. It was like watching a bunch of drug addicts bang on their thingies and prance around like chickens being f**ked by a really big d**k. I was telling my partner that I think they were actually security guards from the mall who were asked by the management to dress up like punk stars and just bang the instruments and nobody would care. The keyboard player in particular was dancing strangely, that I thought someone had a fist up his ass.

Then Lady Gaga came out at 915pm. The crowd went wild and rightfully so. Her songs, her antics, and yup her stage presence was worth the ticket price. She's some gutsy lady and had the balls to call a spade a spade. I gave her two thumbs up and a standing ovation the whole show. You've got to hand it to her. She carried the 10 songs well and the last song Poker Face came in two versions - acoustic and rock. Too bad it lasted just an hour and ended promptly at 1015pm.

Only two Gagas in a week? How lucky could one get? As if to it I thought that only the government had gagas, the Araneta Coliseum was another gaga. We bought DQ ice cream outside and tried to bring it into the event place. We couldn't bring the ice cream inside because there were DQ outlets inside and you needed to buy from there if you wanted to eat it in Araneta. Just goes to show you that the Araneta management deserve the last song of Lady Gaga - Poker Face! And if the owner of Araneta Coliseum was around, I would have shoved the whole DQ store up his ass.

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