Monday, November 14, 2011

Philippines Worst FSP and Credit Card Program...

And the winner is.....

Rustan's Credit Card, FSP and Discount Card

You gotta hand it to this Tantoco owned high-end store. They wouldn't have made it to the top of the riches if not for the scheming, raunchy, thieving lousy FSP, Discount Card and now - Credit Card program.

First is the FSP that expires! They don't tell you that it has expired. Sadly, I had to find out when I got to the counter that my FSP2 had expired 2 weeks ago. I asked if I could get whatever I earned in the FSP2 card. The answer was a cold NO! Well thank you for not informing me that the program was about to end. Thank you also for not being considerate, considering that after all, I am a frequent shopper! With their FSP2, you could even hardly get any rebates unless you were spending more than P1M a year to make that FSP program worth your while. When FSP started a few years back, it was more convenient and should I say, more rewarding.

The FSP2 program substituted the original one with more buying in exchange for rebates. Aside from that, the FSP2 is to put it bluntly, one helluva lousy program. You pay a fee to join and you can't even credit consignment sales or purchases from other Rustan's SSI (store specialist stores) to the FSP2! You needed to buy all that junkyard cheapy items at Rustans to get credit.

Their Discount Card is as pathetic as well. You get discounts only for regular items and 10% if paid in CASH! And some of the SSI stores (Gucci, Prada, LV, Bulgari, Hermes, etc) stores are not included. Lacoste, Marks and Spencer, Armani Exchange have their own frequent shopper program and discount card. WATDFUK were the ingenious idiots thinking?!?! Well, they were thinking that they could scam the stupid Pinoy into paying for a discount card but not being able to use it (so many X items or consignment items in the store, so it's not applicable as well).

Finally, is their credit card. When I got a Citibank Credit Card for Rustans when the program started, it looked like a good buy - concierge service, some freebie goodies and services, 3% rebate on Rustans items...and then the other perks just vanished. At P5000 annual dues, this just wasn't worth it! The rebates were also restricted to only SOME SSI affiliates of Rustan's. The concierge disappeared. I had to queue just like the rest and well, there were no more free goods. And each time I attempt to discontinue my card, Citibank offers waiver on the annual fee as long as I enroll my pathetic utility bill. As a Citibank client, I suggest that Citibank stops badgering or encouraging people to stay on the Citibank Rustan's Credit Card or risk losing another client. Even if Rustan's Corporation is far wealthier than I, karma will catch up on sleazy businesses like these eventually.

Strike 3, for Rustan's and congratulations for being the worst FSP/Discount Card/Credit Card program in the Philippines. My advice to all my readers - don't renew your FSP, don't get a Rustan's Credit Card, and finally, don't even bother with the discount card. They serve no purpose in your life!

My advise to everyone who plans to get a Rustan's Credit Card, or even sign up for the FSP or discount card the fine details in print. An stay clear, very very clear from Rustan's promo programs. Believe me when I say that this is one program that has no purpose at all except to scam the Filipino buyer. Shame on the Tantocos!


Anonymous said...

I was also enrolled on the 1st FSP program. As i was gayly buying up stuff at their department store and mentally counting all those points earned on the FSP, LO and Behold!
Two months after, after planning to get a newly released loose face powder from MAC,I received the shocking news from the saleslady that the FSP program has ceased...and so did my P900 worth of value that I wholly intended to subsidize my now-gone mac powder with!!! Grrrr!!

The saleslady at the department store had the gall to reproach me,saying that they released the notices on the newspapers and mailing. Duh! Has it occurred to these Tantoco people that SOME people actually dont pick up the newspaper to read the what the headlines are, nor the slimmest possibility that their ad might just catch the passing attention of a reader??!!

Would like to apply for the FSP2??
Are you kidding??? After losing that P900, NO *&^%$# WAY! Esp with a registration fee??? Are you kidding me???

Scammed once, shame on you, but twice?? No uh ah!
Thanks! But I've seriously taken my business somewhere else.
And with a growing family, it would be really swell if you know that your favorite store loves you right back.

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Anonymous said...

This is very true, i enrolled in a citibank rustans credit card for a free lacoste bag. When i redeem the bag they have me sign a paper which i thought was a receipt/ receiving copy so i didn't bother to read the content. When i got home, much to my surprise the FREE bag is with holding period of 2 years from the date of redemption. I won't be able to cancel the card prior to that date because i will be paying for the bag, which only means that i need to pay the annual membership fee. I doubt if they let me have it waived.