Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and China Sea, the Philippines has got to be one of the best destinations for sun, sea and sky! Despite the political backlash the country gets from other envious countries, the Philippines is definitely one of the best vacation destinations in the world. The hospitality, warmth and smile of its people is enough to make the trip to our country one of the most memorable.

I'll leave the sales pitch on promoting the Philippines as THE BEST destination spot in Asia.

I'll just talk about one of the reasons why people should come here. For the golf!

I've always been intrigued by this sport and never got into the hobby. But among my friends who are avid fans of this game, it's something they look forward to on the days when they need to unwind. They say it's relaxing. In the golf courses in the Philippines, not only do you get a variation of what the city, province or region has to offer. You also get a taste of the diverse culture this country is most known for.

Perhaps I have not had the time nor energy to get into the game. I've always thought of it as a game where you hit the ball, find the ball, hit the ball, chase the ball and shoot it into this tiny hole. Some of my friends say that it's a skill sport. And the walk through the golf course is an exercise in itself. Sure. Wouldn't it be fun if I just hid the ball in one of the holes and you get 1 hour to look for it? Of course, all golf enthusiasts would call me idiotic. Thank you.

I've always enjoyed a weekend at Tagaytay Highlands and the splendor of the place puts my tired body to rest. But that was then. With all the work I have, Sunday means sleeping late. The golf course at Highlands is truly beckoning and the foggy mist in the early morning with the smell of dew on the manicured grass is truly refreshing.

When my niece was only 10 years old, she had gone with me to Highlands and while watching the sunrise and looking over the vast golf course, she quietly asked me why there is so much splendor and so much land here when the city is so cramped. Why couldn't the government divide these golf courses for the benefit of the poor? That from a 10 year old. My mind was racing and thought of the poor politicians who wouldn't be able to wear their Lacoste shirts to boast of in the golf courses. I just smiled and told her that someday, she will understand. Today, just enjoy the sunrise amidst the fog.

Perhaps I will take Dr. Alex Natividad on that offer to caddie for him. Then, he can teach me some golf in exchange.


P.S. The pics are from Tagaytay Highlands

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Anonymous said...

Hi Benjie:
This is my first time ever to read a blog and truly enjoyed your thoughts. Yes, someday I will teach you one of the finest sportsgame there is. Golf for me is a way of life...you struggle or triumph..but it is the CHARACTER of the journey that ultimately defines us; and it is not about winning. Sometime losing with grace can be such a satisfying feeling as if triumphant you are
Alex Natividad MD