Thursday, July 9, 2015

Fucked up!

This will be one of my shortest blogs.

Over the last weeks, there have been very annoying posts and shared posts of the most unshareable material on the internet.

It ranged from Kris Aquino's dissing of Maria Ozawa, to the teenage Pabebe girls who were ranting like bitches with their annoying video, to the possè Atenean doctor who bragged about mulcting a delivery boy over P200 of greasy fast food, to the bromance and defense of the Pinoy Big Brothers involving a minor and an adult.

Are these even worth the news or a minute of people's time? If you think that following these posts and dedicating time to these are worth the while, think again. You just wasted precious minutes in your life doing something more worth the while, than following people with fucked up lives!

Yes. These are people with fucked up lives. They are scums of the earth. They are meaningless. They have nothing worthwhile to share. That's why while I blog about the events, they should be remembered as useless people whom media and the internet has provided a two minutes spot at fame and infamy.

Next time you post or share, don't bother with the fucked up lives.

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