Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Spa vs. The Mandarin Foot Spa

It was another Saturday.

Since the Mandarin Foot Spa had opened at the Casa Susana/Vicente Arcade at the Alabang Town Center area over a year ago, my family and partner had frequented this place. It provides great foot spa (and body massage - oil or dry, and silk facial service) at a reasonably great price in a delightful ambience. The only downside is that you could practically hear your neighbors (especially the Filipinos) talking or not silencing their mobile phones (so what else is new with the Filipino?). But the upside is the service and the bang for your buck. At P500 (less than $10) you get a 1 hr and 10 minute foot reflexology service, which will surely make your feet smile back and thank you for providing the attention it needed.

The wonderful thing about Mandarin Foot Spa is that they have Chinese reflexologists, who for only P180 ($3.50) more, would be the one to do the massage - body or feet or hands.

Yesterday, we had dilly dallied and made a reservation at the Mandarin Foot Spa, but canceled later, only to re-book. Unfortunately, the place was already packed, so off we went to The Spa which is located right at the Ayala Alabang Town Center.

The original spas among spas, I had not visited The Spa for over a year since Mandarin opened. It wasn't only because Mandarin offered a cheaper service. After trying out Mandarin, I swore that The Spa had mediocre service.

Nevertheless, our tired feet needed attention and well it's been over a year. Perhaps things have changed.

Much to my dismay, the service was not only mediocre, but a cheat. For P750 ($15), I was supposed to get 60 minutes of foot service. But the foot soaking took 10 minutes, and the massage a measly 40 minutes. The girls and the attendants were in a hurry to close up and so were making a ruckus in the massage room. My feet weren't smiling back and I swear that I wouldn't recommend The Spa to anyone ever again.

Sure, the ambience was far nicer than Mandarin, but the ambience doesn't take you far except for the ethereal mundane aspect of appreciating a waterfall in the waiting area.

Next time you guys need to get a massage and when you're in the south, check out Mandarin Foot Spa. I guarantee you better massage service than The Spa.

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree. Mandarin is better value than The Spa, and better massage too! But I think the massage beds at The Spa are more comfy..

I get the 1 hr 45 min oil combo massage once a week there, that's how I survive all the stress from work and all.. heehe..

BTW, I think the people who talk loudly at Mandarin are mostly Korean and Chinese.. I hardly hear Filippino speak loudly there.. or may be at different time of the day you get different people there, and it just happens that when I go there it's usually full of Koreans and Chinese visitors.. nevertheless, I still love getting my massage there! :)