Thursday, April 2, 2009

A nation of servants, part II

So the HK Magazine column of Chip Tsao has received more hate mails than appreciative comments that both the publishers and Mr. Tsao has actually apologized to the Filipinos it has incensed over the racial slur on the article "War at Home".

Tsao and the publishers had said that in reality, the article was meant to be a satire as there are many interpretations to the English language. For the information of Mr. Tsao and the HK publishers who probably do not know how to use appropriately the English language because they are Chinese trying to utilize the English vernacular in their dreams, a magazine or on-line publication is NO PLACE to print a satire. It does get misinterpreted and is a sad and pathetic excuse for publishing racial and politically incorrect opinions, which leave room for retractions, as an after the fact excuse.

Moving on, have you then noticed that in the Bulletin Today, a newspaper published in the Philippines that the headline emblazooned the "250,000 JOBS IN DUBAI, QATAR".
And of course the article written showed how much the government, particularly Ate Glue had worked so hard at looking for jobs for the Filipinos in other countries like the Middle East.

I could not help but recall that the original traveling salesman president, FVR, used to hop on a plane almost every month to go to other countries in order to invite and encourage foreign investors to come to the Philippines to create jobs and invest in the country.

His successor, Erap, was forgettable. He was busy staying in the Philippines counting the moolah he was getting from jueteng. He didn't last long in office and Ate Glue eventually replaced him. Her first years were not traveling stints, but eventually, Ate Glue got the traveling bug and started hopping on an off an airplane in order to take her cabinet and the privileged few congressmen to junket trips.

Yup, she did try to pitch a sale, but instead of encouraging people to see the Philippines as an investment, she was more of what we can call a "recruiter". The mother of all recruiters!!! Ate Glue is proud that she has found jobs (isn't that odd) for Pinoys in the Middle East or elsewhere around the globe so that Pinoys can all work overseas and send dollars home. You see, it is better to send them out of the country because in working as construction workers in the Philippines at minimum wage, means that they don't pay taxes to the government. BUT, if you work as OFW, then that means that the government gets to use your remittance and the remittance fee. "Ang saya saya noh!"

You gotta hand it to her...she is very intelligent...send out every Filipino, including their kids...and you have less of these "servants" escaping the fact that they don't pay taxes because they are minimum wage earners.

So can you fault the people like Tsao who look upon the Pinoys as a "nation of servants"? Our very own president markets human resources in the country as such.

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