Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It's all about us

It will take you 4 minutes to listen to this song of Celine Dion titled My Love.

And just 1 minute to read this short blog.

I love the lyrics of the song because I believe that this is the very essence of a relationship. It is touching and direct to the point.

One of the most difficult situations to fathom is that of a relationship. Whether you're just beginning or already tied down, whether you're teenagers or already a senior citizen - there are many occasions in your relationship that posed, pose or will pose a challenge.

Every relation is a work in progress. I believe that happy beginnings are the rule. It's why we get into a relation in the first place. But happy endings, ah, that's the hard part. Only we can make a happy ending. Which means that in between the stories of our lives are the hardships that entail us to make each and every relationship work.

Sometimes, when there is trouble in paradise, we need to remember why we even ended up with our significant other the first time around. Was it for fun, for convenience, or for love?

It will always take two to tango. There should be honor and respect for one another and most of all, we need to keep each others dignity intact. Each of us provides the pillar of strength for the other. It's really about - for better or worse.

We just need to remember that in a relationship, there is no more I. It is all about US.

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