Monday, February 7, 2011

The supporters of PNoy and Juana Change

This 5:30 mins video has had almost 70,000 hits.

It has also had some flak from government officials and the jockstraps, uhmm, supporters of PNoy.

I supported PNoy when he ran for President. My support though was a skeptical one. It was either him or the stoogie of GMA or Erap. The choice was simple. His support from me (and from most of my friends) were based on the platform of change and the fight against greed and corruption. His support stemmed from a legacy of parents who were morally and ethically upright. And let me remind his die-hard supporters, that if we supported the presidency of PNoy then, it was not because he had the brains to be the president. After all, in all PNoy's years in public office, he had nothing to show. Nothing presidentiable. It was because among the candidates, he was the only one with enough moral ascendancy to lead.

I also made the stern resolution that while I supported him, I will also be his number one critic during his term in office.

It's almost one year since he took office. And while I still support his leadership, his "barkada" in the palace need to place themselves in the proper perspective that any criticism against their "boss" is supposed to be a good thing. It's not a hatchet job, but a reminder that he cannot get sidetracked in his vow and aim to clean up the government from scalawags in and out of a uniform. He needs to grab the current situation by the balls and not simply depend on his groupies in the palace to report to him. Visibility in the perimeter is not the only role of the president. He has to act decisively and be on top of the situation.

Nobody said the presidency would be an easy task.

The problem is, since he took up the challenge, he is responsible for living up to the job description.

His amateur groupies in the palace whom he handpicked through a friendship and long-time bonding process are mostly amateurs. Some of their decisions are highly flawed because implementation is through a trial and error method. The criticisms PNoy receives should be taken with a grain of salt and should be a reminder to him and his cabinet on the promise of change.

Government positions is not a call on friendship bonds. True friends will guide you in the right direction. Those that just take advantage of you have no place in your "family" of government officials. At the end of the day, as president of this country, you will be accountable not only to the Gokongweis, Sys, Ayalas, Tans, Robredos, Carandangs, but to every Juan de la Cruz that Juana Change!

Kung kami ang boss mo, yung mga hinayupak mong tsutsu ay dapat ilagay mo sa ayos!

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