Thursday, June 16, 2011

Botoxed at 53

What do you get yourself as a gift for your birthday?

Been there, done that mode.

During our younger years, we couldn't hurry up to be more "mature" looking so that we could pass as adults for our age. Then when we're at the prime of our lives, one day we look at the mirror and start counting the lines across our foreheads, the crow's feet along our eyes, the laugh lines that have deepened, the greying (if not balding) hair, the paunch on our midsection and then we heave a heavy sigh.

It's not of discontent. It's reality sinking in. Yes dear, we're counting down to our senior citizen card.

But why do we want to look like 70 when the wonders of science have changed the landscape of remaining beautiful or younger or sexier even in our prime?

A month ago, I woke up one morning and looked in the mirror at the lines across my forehead and made a frown. Reality check - no Shu Uemura foundation or Triaktiline firming cream or Lancome anti-aging could reverse the process.

The truth of the matter is, I fell for the old trick in the book. I went to Marie-France to enroll in the facial Refirme program. Paid almost P43,000 ($1000) for 4 sessions (3-4 weeks apart) where they staple your face 1000 shots of heat emanating from a gadget. It was like I was getting jolted on the face for an hour. When the session was over, the skin felt smooth and firmed. But that didn't last. After a week, the lines were visible once again. And it went on and on until I decided that all these advertisements were such a scam (I told you they don't work. These endorses just get the programs for free so like Dawn Zulueta or Ping Lacson, they're all photoshopped to sell a spiel.)!!!

A week ago, I decided to take the final plunge. I researched on onabotulinum toxin A (Botox Cosmetics) and called my dear friend Ida (she's my dermatologist at Asian Hospital) and told her about getting a Botox. Yesterday, I finally had 52 units of Botox injected into my face (on the forehead, across the crows feet, on the laugh lines, and along the chin area).

Was it painful? Well, let's put it this way, I had EMLA all over so the pain was tolerable. You can't look down for 1 hour. You can't lie down for 4 hours. You feel like gazillion bees had stung your face and it's red all over. The headache was minimal. And now as I write this blog, my face feels stretched. But the lines, oooohhhh, they're disappearing slowly. You can see the improvement in just 24 hours but the maximum effect is supposedly noticeable in 2 weeks.

So if you bump into me and see the change, it's not because of the cosmetics or the facials I get, it's Botox.

I will not post before and after pictures because it's horrifying (this is supposed to be a general public reading blogspot). When you bump into me one of these days, you'll see the difference. It's aging beautifully that matters now.

And for those that want to know how a Botox is done, watch this video from youtube...

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