Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Twitters

I have nothing against social networking. And while I use Facebook or Twitter, I think that some people have just taken this social networking thing to the extreme.

There is no exact defining principle on how to use social networking. You can Twit the whole day or just look at your Facebook site and keep posting non-sensical things for all I care. After all, some of your friends may be actually interested in what you're doing or what you have to say. That is, if you're really someone popular or worth "following".

I've noticed lately, how some people use their Twitter account to "update" people on each and every step of what they are doing and where they are. While Twitter encourages people or friends to "follow you", it doesn't literally mean that you're followed all the way to the bathroom or to the gas station!

I'll give you an example of a Twit for the day (this is an actual Twit timeline):

24 hrs ago - Good morning! @DeepakChopra: Encourage unity, discourage divisions
24 hrs ago - I'm at ______________________ (Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City)
24 hrs ago - I knew I left something! My water bottle! :-(
17 hrs ago - Hangdami lang patients today! Waaahhh
16 hrs ago - I look so haggard already. I'm wearing my best yet surmounted by the amount of patient & d'type of cases. Anobamerontoday? World Clinic Day?
14 hrs ago - Ok since a good friend tweeted about it already, let me announce that I'll be at @dj______________ podcast tonight. Stay tuned!:)
13 hrs ago - I'm at Shell (Kamias Road cor Kasing-Kasing St. Quezon City)
12 hrs ago - I'm at Starbucks (Ground Level, Easton Place, Valero St. cor VA Rufino St. Salcedo Village, Makati City)
12 hrs ago - Didn't get lost. Luckily. Thanks to those who helped me with directions stuff. :-))
11 hrs ago - I'm at Easton Place (Valero, Herrera, Makati)
11 hrs ago - So I'm here!!!! Will start in a few minute... :-)
11 hrs ago - Finally here guys! We're ready to start!
11 hrs ago - I'm at @dj_______________ podcast tonight! Love/Sex/Life probs? Call us! 659-6969
11 hrs ago - RT @mnelizedMD: Watch gwapong-gwapo Dr._____ on GTWM now!!! LOL.
10 hrs ago - We're accepting questions! Call us!
10 hrs ago - That caller sounds like Maria Ozawa. No offense. Hahaha. :))
9 hrs ago - Love/Sex/Life probs? We're accepting more calls with @dj___________ podcast tonight! Call us! 659-6969
9 hrs ago - We're giving away a cellphone! :-)
9 hrs ago - Really had fun with GTWM podcast crew! Waaah! Owell. :-) heading home now
8 hrs ago - Home! I love EDSA traffic during this time/ :-)
8 hrs ago - Oh wow. Now I believe it's really her.
8 hrs ago - Thanks to @dj__________ and @GTWMPodcast crew for the opportunity! I really had fun! TC guys! Gnyt!:)
8 hrs ago - There were a lot of unexpected things that happened today! From the _____ to podcasting...Gosh! thank good Lord for today. Gnyt tweeps!

I thought the guy was going to sleep already and was almost grateful that his narration of his life for the day was about to end....

7 hrs ago - Here's the link about tonight's show.
6 hrs ago - I can very much hear the brother @_______ in the other room listening to the podcast...He missed the show so he'll sleep late for it.

And finally, he went to bed....And I clicked on "Unfollow" because it was getting to be irritating already.

For my readers information, I actually deleted some of the tweets in between because it was getting to be a bore.

Like I said, there is nothing wrong with using social networking, but this is an example of how some tweets can get to the extreme! The interaction between the twitter tapping in wild abandon on trying to update people on where you are, what you're doing, what's going on in your life is left to the fab and famous. We cannot create what we're not. Some people just need to get a life!

And it's sad that some people are simply preoccupied with trying to look famous (image making) than to make a life.

Added to that fact is providing more information than what your followers need to know creates a scenario where you're probably looking for trouble. When parents don't know what their kids are doing or are risking themselves especially when exposing too much of themselves in an attempt of trying to create an image. Parents are the last to know when their kids get in trouble because of a senseless random act of being socially carefree.

Take home message is to use the social network responsibly. And while we are personally responsible for what goes on in our lives, we need to utilize social networking sites to promote the better good rather than the interest of one.

[My apologies to the twitter whose twits was used. For your information, it gets a bit irritating when I'm online as well and my phone just keeps alarming each time I get a Twit message that's non-informative.]

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