Monday, April 5, 2010

Pacquiao vs Carolla

This video clip was forwarded to me by a friend.

I suggest that you click on the video BEFORE you make a comment.

Listen to the conversation between some guy named Aaron and Adam Carolla about a proposed Pacquiao-Mayweather fight.

Then there is the bashing of Pacquiao about his idiosyncrasies when it comes to having a blood test done prior to his fight. Yup. We know all about that. And I agree with Adam about the yakkity yakkity lame dumb excuses of Pacquiao and his camp about blood extraction weakening him. Darn I don't even understand how it can do that. I mean, I'm a doctor, for God's sake. Pacquiao can take a head butt, get punched left and right. Have his face pummeled black and blue. And he won't let a needle get stuck into his body for a simple blood test. Watdfuk?!?!?!

Of course, you will get the sourpuss boxing afficionados and Pacman fans to side with the ultimate ubber-dumb excuse that Pacquiao belts out.


While I do not appreciate the bashing of Carolla, I think everyone, including Perez Hilton, should get a grasp on the scenario surrounding heroes and hero worship in the Philippines. The Philippines is a developing country. With all the graft and corruption that this country has, with all the poverty and the politicians stealing from the poor in this country, with all the scandals and shame this country has gone through because of our politicians, believe me when I say that in this country, even its dignity has been stripped away because we have sold it long time ago.

The showcase of OFWs being the knight in shining armor to the Philippine economy is actually pathetic. It just pictures the plight of the Filipinos and the exodus from this country has been detrimental to the image of the Filipino. But the government is rah-rah-rah cheering them on. For what? So that there is money in the coffers to steal! Dang!!! It's good if it trickles down to the average Juan de la Cruz. Nope. It goes to the government. So that they can wine, dine, and dance in opulence and squander the money that the average worker coughs up to these idiots!

Many Pinoys who grow up in other countries are even afraid or ashamed to recognize themselves as Filipinos because they are ostracized as a race. I have patients that migrate to other countries - their excuse? They want a better life for their children. That seals the coffin my friends. To them, there is no hope in the banana republic.

Which leads to the match up between Pacquiao and Carolla. No pun intended, but based on the podcast, Carolla has scored some points over Pacquiao. While I admire and respect Pacquiao as a boxing artist, a rags to riches star, an icon for Pinoy boxing, he is by no means a perfect role model for the Filipino people.

The likes of Pacquiao running for a seat in congress is akin to the role of Pinoy actors and actresses who peddle their popularity as the stepping stone to a career in government. Sanamagan this country! Look at the election polls. Even the senatorial bets are as pathetic as it can get. Lapid who has not done a freaking thing while in public office still ranks number 9 among the candidates for senator in this banana republic.

And dynasties after dynasties are in the bandwagon running for seats in every nook and cranny of this republic. Daughter, sons, son-in-law, cousins, next of kin...darn even if their dog could run for public office, I'm sure these greedy public officials would even have them run for office!

Perhaps the Pinoys will not treat Carolla kindly when it comes to his bashing Pacquiao, a demigod to the standards of the average Pinoy.

But Pinoys have always been onion-skinned when it comes to a foreigner questioning his patriotism.

Get real! We have sold our pride a long time ago. We have stood by the sidelines watching corruption and greed turn this country to what it is today. There is no pride in our nation. We have had our chances to restore our dignity in each and every election, but it seems that we have turned a blind eye to each of these chances.

Adam Carolla was providing an opinion. The problem is, that while he demolishes Pacman to bits in this podcast, he lambasts the Filipino as a race as well. It may not be music to our ears, but it is a wake-up call.

There is another chance to redeem ourselves on May 10. Do we finally get a knock-out?

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