Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Greek Vacation (Santorini - Dreams Luxury Suites Hotel and Fira)

When you wake up to a scenery that overlooks the caldera, with breakfast ready for you at your balcony at 930AM, and a warm jacuzzi bath fizzling at your back, you know you've had a taste of heaven on earth.

The Dreams Luxury Suites at Imerovigli, Santorini was home for 6 days.

When we make choices for our stays in various places, we usually look at recommendations on the internet. TripAdvsior is the most frequently googled source. I use, which has only the best boutique and luxury hotels in the planet. When you combine resources, you've always got to make sure that you read the reviews well and NOT just look at the pictures on the website. Pictures, after all can be deceiving and while something may crop up as picture perfect, you may end up in some place that would be a nightmare for the next few days!

To describe my stay in a few paragraphs would not do justice to how beautiful and breathtaking the place is. From the managers Artemis and Fatima, to the butler George and the chambermaid Maria - these were the people who made this a truly memorable vacation.

Free from the spoils of civilization, and the hubris of the hectic urban life, Dreams Luxury Suites was absolutely divinely spoiling.

The second to the last night was dinner at Assyrtico Wine Restaurant on Fira (the capital of Santorini). It's located right beside Koukoumavlos Restaurant. While Koukoumavlos may have more class in terms of ambience, Assyrtico wins hands down with the taste in all the dishes - from the Calamari appetizer with caviar to the main course of seafood taggliatelle and the final touch of panacotta with tomato cherry.

While I'm blogging this final entry on my Greek vacation, I'm looking out the patio of my room - watching the ships dock to port, the volcano right beneath my suite - I am spending Sunday trying to embrace the luxury of Santorini.

Someday, I will be back to luxuriate in this opulence and enjoy a slice of heaven on earth, even temporarily.

Tomorrow, I leave for my next adventure - Milan, Italy.

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