Friday, July 22, 2011

My Greek Vacation (Santorini - Perivolos and Oia)

What is there to do in an island surrounded by the sea? Go to the beach of course!

Amazing water, cosmopolitan shops, the "elite" people of the island. Black sand and crystal clear waters. Perivolos was the pitstop for the day in Santorini. It was a short 20 mins drive along winding roads from Imverovigli to Perivolos.

Anemos bar (situated in a yard of an old tomato factor) was where we stayed for the afternoon. Drinks were brought into the cabana as well as lunch was served in a beach basket.

Of course, the huts were not free as you needed to pay 9euros on top of the meals and drinks. But there was a service button right on the hut which had the waiters literally at your beck and call.

Unlike the powdery white sands of Boracay, the pebbled black sand at the beach in Perivolos was unimpressive. I mean, sure I am after all in Santorini. But the Philippines can compete with any of the best beaches in the world that I've been too and if we were to scale it from 0-10, with 10 as the best beaches, I probably would give Boracay an 8 and Perivolos a 5.

With that said, it was time to get back to the hotel and take a quick dip in jacuzzi, finish my book and well laze again in the sundeck with a glass of champagne.

After the laze at the jacuzzi, it was off to dinner in Oia. Oia is one of the more picturesque villages build on the rim of the cliff side which takes you all the way to a village of 79 churches. Directly below Oia is Ammoudi, the quaint fishing village I had lunch at the yesterday.

Oia is considered the cultural heart of the island as it plays host to a cultural center and art galleries as well as the most beautiful resorts in the island right at the caldera. Oia is practically the highest peak at the north of the island and thus has the best sunset view in all of Santorini. Many of the walk ways are not made of pebble stones but of marble!

Food tripping, I needed to have dinner at 1800 Restaurant situated at the heart of Oia. Distinctly reviewed and highly recommended by the New York Times, you can see for yourself why gourmet dining at 1800 was worth the 100euros just for one!

From aperitif to dessert, Greek dining was at its best and what better place than in Santorini, watching the sunset and enjoying the meal, to cap the day.

(Too bad I couldn't drink because I was driving. This would have been perfect with a glass of red wine.)

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