Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Alabang Boys...

Who's not heard of this story of three young men from the Alabang area who were caught peddling more than 60 tablets of Ecstasy pills, and other prohibited drug paraphernalia last September 2008?

Their story just gets better and better everyday with allegations of bribery in the highest government authorities on the demand to release these boys. The bribe charges range from P3M to P50M.

What strikes me and irks me is the fact that we treat the rich differently from the poor. Had the press not got wind of the release order from the Department of Justice, the three boys would have gone scot free. Someone from the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) had probably spilled the beans in order to abort the release of these boys. Much to the dismay of the parents, it was ironic that the lawyer of the three boys had "drafted" a release letter/order to be signed by the DOJ secretary! I mean, really now. Can Justice Gonzales not write or is he so ignorant that he needed the lawyer of the accused to write for you? And the lawyer of the three boys had the temerity to say "what will they charge me with, stealing one piece of paper"? Come on...give us a break.

And how stupid can one of the fathers get when on TV he admitted that his son is a drug user but not a pusher. What kind of father is that?

Drug us and abuse have destroyed not only the lives of those who use them, but those whom it is sold to. The greater sin is peddling them.

The stories of drug use and abuse are not confined to the poor. Once in a millenium comes a high profile case like this which should leave the public wanting to draw blood. The question is, with the Arroyo administration, that has so much graft and corruption up its sleeves, this will be a test case on whether justice will actually be served or will it remain blind?

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