Sunday, January 11, 2009

The road less traveled

Prediction has it that this year, the worldwide economic meltdown is going to take a toll on the developing countries.

The pinch has not seemed to hit the Filipino in the Philippines - yet.

The government is banking on the OFWs as we brace for the effect of the global financial crisis in the Philippines.

The last Christmas holidays saw a lot of Balikbayans. Many were not only here for the cheaper holiday escapade, but many balikbayans were actually scouring for opportunities in the Philippines.

They say that a crisis brings out the humility in human beings.

When the Filipino decides to become an OFW, or decides to migrate to a land of opportunity, he must leave pride behind. I have seen a lot of friends leave stable well paying jobs in Manila, only to start with less paying odd jobs in the US or Canada or the Middle East. The reason is - for family.

Now that the global financial crisis has hit the industrialized countries first, these are the same people that have looked to coming home. Time to swallow and leave pride behind once more.

Life indeed comes full circle. One day you're way up there. The next day it's all gone. Life's choices are made by us. While many follow the Exodus, some of us take the road less traveled. The latter is more difficult and filled with challenges. Many of the success stories of great men are those that have taken the road less traveled.

Whichever road we take, whatever decisions we make, right or wrong, the challenges and consequences should not make us regret the decisions we started off with.

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