Thursday, January 29, 2009

What a mess!

The headlines in the local papers are having a heyday on the various scandals rocking the GMA government.

The Alabang Boys and the drug peddling scandal of three young men from prominent families. The public outrage is to hang these boys to dry! It's actually a showdown on how the government can handle this type of corruption scandal through alleged bribes accepted by the prosecutors office or the PDEA. The barbs they're throwing at each other is like a movie that has us all glued to see who wins this round. It's a reflection of what money can do in this country. It's the kind of story that viewers watch closely as it's riddled with whodunnit theories.

Of course, this scandal eclipsed the scandal of the Generals. Who can forget the Euro Generals that led the PNP on an excursion to Moscow bringing millions of pesos in taxpayers money? While they call it legit, some say otherwise. It's ironic at how these senators and congressmen despise the "junkets" pharmaceutical companies endow the doctors, but hey, it's okay if they go on a junket using taxpayers money. I cringe at the thought of their justifying their actions. I puke at their proclamation of service to the people.

Finally, we have a new scandal on the Department of Public Works and Highways. Large construction companies which have been banned by the World Bank because of graft and corruption charges have been allowed to participate in bids for local projects not funded by the World Bank! Damn these idiots. This does not only smell of fish, but these people involved have the temerity to stand their ground in spite of the overwhelmingly voluminous proof of lies!

Only in the Philippines!

And then Ate Glue issues a statement before leaving for Davos through her mouthpiece Ermita that she will not make those people involved in the mess resign because they have her confidence.


In another country, these lackies would have been hung in public. But this is the Philippines.

The administration officials are more brazen with graft and corruption now. Just do it! We'll explain later. The election is just around the year and they have just a year and a half to steal from the coffers. Time is running out.

Since justice in this country can take forever, let the stealing begin!


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