Thursday, February 4, 2010

Temporary home and utopias

"This is just a where i belong...this is my temporary home..."

Frances Jakelyn Abad is 15 and is a 4th year student at General Santos High School under the Special Program in the Arts major in Creative Writing. In Youngblood, the PDI column for contributors twentysomething and below, she writes about Utopia and seeing things from two perspectives - having it all (luxury car, mansion with pool, several maids and guards, great business, being King of the World) and having contentment.

"I guess seeing things in a positive way is the best way to be happy. Nowadays a lot of us think only of how to make money. Yes, money can make us happy - for a while. But does money buy us salvation when we die? Does money change the way God will judge us?...My teacher in Trigonometry and Statistics once said as she was writing the equation for the Growth Law (N=Noekt) - (that) you may have hundreds of money that multiply like a bacteria, but can you make it indestructible so that you can bring it when you die?..."

While listening to this song, it gave me goose bumps and left a lump in my throat. It made me realize that our life on earth is actually a terminal to our final destination, wherever it will lead us. At whatever age or stage in life, from birth to our growing years to our relationships and to our death bed, our stopovers are actually temporary homes.

I remember my youth, my hardships, my dad, my friends, those who have come my way...and have gone to a better place...

Our temporary home...sooner or later we will all be finally home.

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