Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bitching 101 - He said, she said, I say

One of my blog followers said that it's been quite some time since I "bitched".

It's really difficult to find a topic to blog about. More difficult to find a topic to bitch about.

But hey, it's my cup of tea, so...

Willie Revillame had a big word war with Jobet Sucaldito. For Revillame to storm at Jobet with all the fury of a mad man, he had stooped so low that he threatened ABS-CBN to choose - fire Sucaldito or Revillame leaves ABS-CBN. Hmmmm...interesting. I hope ABS-CBN finally let's Willie go. The guy is a pain the ass and he thinks he is God's gift to the people of the banana republic. This drama would be interesting. Revillame forgets that threatening the hand that feeds him is bad karma. Abangan!

Ruffa Gutierrez reportedly endorses Gibo and Roxas for president and vice-president. Well the Gutierrezes are inconsequential. Who cares if Ruffa votes for Gibo? Her spat with Kris just shows her true color - green - for envy! With all the drama that has surrounded Ruffa, she doesn't even deserve an endorsement nor is her endorsement credible.

Then there's Eddie Villanueva. Another candidate running for president. He's been trailing way way wayyyy behind. Anyway he has filed a petition with the Comelec to postpone the automated polls to allow more time for testing the machines. Sanamagan these wannabees. I don't get it and I guess neither does Villanueva. Whether they postpone it a month from today to gazillion years from today, he will still not win the election. We will probably never see him as president of the banana republic, even in his lifetime. Can we just go on with the election? No one has ever been more excited at getting rid ofthe dwarf in the palace than this generation of voters.

Then there are the winners of last election who have been affirmed by the Comelec or Supreme Court as winners THEN. But the announcement was just made NOW! Example is Ed Panlilio of Pampanga who supposedly won the governorship in the last election. He is running for reelection. Lo and behold that a few days before the election, Lilia Pineda is declared winner. So who was running what? Darn the judicial system in this country. How true the saying that justice delayed is justice denied. There ought to be a law that puts a timeline on election protests. And that timeline should not exceed 60 days for the Comelec and 120 days for the Supreme Court. If no action is taken by aforementioned parties within that deadline, the Comelec official or Justice should be publicly executed.

Finally, the statistical shift in the upcoming election is for the vice presidency already. This would be fun to watch. In 2 weeks, since Chiz Escudero endorsed Jejomar Binay, Mar Roxas and Binay are now statistically tied. What happened? Even Noynoy's pitch that his only vice-president is Mar isn't helping poor Mar. Could it be that someone close to Mar has sealed his doom for even the second highest office in the land?

But the mudslinging continues and as any saga in the life of the Filipino people evolves, May 10, 2010 will be remembered as one big drama that will change the plot of the political telenovela of the Pinoys.

Interestingly is the fact that the averge Pinoy has a penchant for happy endings. Will it or will it not be?

Abangan ang susunod na kabanata sa buhay ni Juan.

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