Sunday, May 23, 2010


Everyone has a deep dark secret he/she keeps.

I am not a fan of Desperate Housewives, but I guess that's what TV surfing does. One night, I had the chance to watch one episode and found it interesting and insightful. It would be the content of this blog.

I believe that we all lead "intricate" lives.

While we live in a world of reality, there is a tangential secret life many, if not all of us lead.

There is the husband or wife or partner who looks like the perfect person in a relationship. But behind the seemingly perfect relationship is a cheating, conniving, selfish bastard.

There are times we think we know the other person well. He/she may be your best friend and that you've shared good and bad times together. But there is another part of your friend's life that he/she will keep to himself/herself. A broken home, poverty-stricken background, family problems. A secret.

But are these secrets bad?

In all honesty, I believe that there is a deep dark secret that we all keep. They may have been mistakes of the past or indiscretions in our lifetime or some pent up hatred for family or friends. No matter what atonement we do, when these secrets are unraveled, they will haunt us.

No matter how we try to digress from these secrets by changing lives, changing jobs, changing partners, or becoming materialistic so that we temporarily forget the pains of our well-kept secrets, there will always be something that will remind us that we have a secret that continuously haunts us in life.

We can never run away from a secret because it is something that has been done. It is a past event. Life is never made up of rewinds. One can never make up what has been committed in the past. One simply moves on.

Which goes to the question - how does one resolve a secret that is bothersome? The Catholics call it confession. Notice how the act of confession simply serves as a relief mechanism because we tell someone else the burden we secretly keep. Confession is also called revelation. Talking to someone (not necessarily a priest) like a psychiatrist or friend or psychologist or relatives is a helpful process in relieving ourselves from the stress of keeping a secret.

There is the fear that we become judged for the wrong that we did. But these are consequences we will need to take in order to achieve peace of mind. We need to let the chips fall where it should. If some of our friends understand, then good. If not, then fine. The burden has been released. We need to face consequences and face life the way it should be. We cannot have our cake and eat it too.

When we keep a secret throughout our lives, we live with pain and sorrow. The burden simply piles up and our sanity and happiness become captives to the secret we keep.

There is a human need to unleash the burden of so much secrecy in our lives.

Ask yourself if there is a secret that has been the reason for your being uneasy with life...

We either release this in our lifetime and begin to enjoy what life has to offer, or bring the deep dark secret to our graves.

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