Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Greek Vacation (Athens Day 2)

It was sweltering outside at 96 degrees fahrenheit.

From the 8th floor Rooftop Garden of the Grande Bretagne Hotel, the perfect view of the Parthenon could be seen. Buffet breakfast was great. I mean, unlike many European breakfasts, this was not simply bagels and yoghurt but fresh fruits, cold cuts and hot meals and excellent Greek desserts.

After breakfast and filling up with enough water in my system to hopefully last this Greek Summer Heat, it was one train ride from Syntagma Station (under our hotel, thank God) to the Acropolis Station. [It's a good idea to take the subway because the subway system in itself had a historical story of Greece with matching sculptures and paintings and other artsy stuff).

The Acropolis Station has many quaint boutiques and restaurants right when you get off the landing. Because of the heat, I was practically thirsty at every stop. It was a good thing to grab a bottle of water at the nearest newsstand.

The trek up the Acropolis was no joke. In the heat, it was like doing a cardio exercise in a dilapidated gym in Manila. I think I lost all the poundage I gained during breakfast. But the view from above and the Parthenon was one thing I would never be able to do all over again.

All the suntan with SPF 50++ had melted all over. But if only to appreciate closely the history of Greek mythology, one needed to make that trip up close and personal.

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