Sunday, January 10, 2010

Changes and Promises

So it's 2010. And it's another year. Those who've been following my blog - a big thank you. To the newbies, welcome to my blog.

The past years, I've simply blogged about special events. It's been 2 1/2 years. I guess it's time to put my faithful Mac to it's maximum potential!

I'm writing a book this year and hope that I can finish it before 2011. That's a big leap because this will be my first venture at writing a compilation of short stories.

Second is that I'm starting a weekly write-up, on my blog, about issues and it's called BITCHING 101. It's a little jab on issues (whether it's about politics or movie stars or travel or anything about life itself). My way of expressing my views on certain issues that need a little stabbing now and then. As to sustainability on a weekly issue, now that's called pressure.

Finally, I've changed the colors and featured pic on the blog, hopefully I can create an original one myself without having to borrow pics from the internet.

Oh yeah, I will need to ask my niece to help me out on putting up ads for my blog. Who knows, one day, this may eventually become a hit!

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