Thursday, January 28, 2010

iPad, the next generation


That's all I could say when I opened my laptop today. My browser actually logs on to Apple's website automatically (as I use Safari) and voila!!! It was a 7 1/2 minute presentation of Apple's launch on it's tablet.

Is it going to change the way we marvel at technology? It's going to be available beginning end of March 2010 for the Wifi, while delivery is in April 2010 for the Wifi + 3G version. It's lowest end in 16 GB is priced at USD$499 for the Wifi ($629 for the 3G), 32GB at $599 ($729 for the 3G) and the 64GB at $699 ($829 for the 3G).

I won't say much about it because once I watched the video, I was in awe! And awe is a description I rarely use. It was definitely jaw dropping, particularly with regards the iBook. Darn, I was drooling...

Now to save enough the next 2 months as I have made my reservations. This definitely will be my new toy!

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