Monday, March 22, 2010

Bitching 101 - Of politics, celebrities and some nuts and bolts in between

Another week in the life of Juan de la Cruz.

1. An upbeat Philippine economy during election fever? It seems so. The peso is at an all time high - USD1.00 = P45.50. The bank and money changers are buying your dollars at P44.80. They sell at P46.00. For my balikbayan friends, this is not a good time to come over and think that your moolah is worth much. Which goes to show also that families of OFWs seem to be scrimping a lot these days. They need to pay for the final exams, tuition fees, graduation fees, house and lot, electricity, gas, etc. that the dollars their relatives are remitting seem to be at an all time low. In order to push the Philippines to increase spending, the Central Bank of the Philippines has also issued to all banks that all savings and checking dollar accounts will no longer earn interest. Nada, zip, 0%! What the f*#!@*#?!?!?! And the interest rates for all peso current and savings accounts will earn 0.5-1% less depending on your balance.

Analysts say that the dollar will probably drop to the 44 mark before the elections. And at the rate it seems to be dropping in the world market, it will not be surprising to see the dollar at an all time low.

Sad to say, the dollar is useless already. Some banks have opened Yuan deposits and are encouraging investors on this financial promo. Tsk tsk tsk. Obama must be reeling at how badly the American economy is doing.

2. A congressman has filed for impeachment of the 9 justices of the supreme court that voted for Ate Glue to appoint the next Supreme Court Justice before her term ends. This has caused so much uproar among constitutionalists, lawyers and academicians. As you very well know, except for the current chief justice of the supreme court, all the other associate justices were appointed by Ate Glue in the last 9 years span of her reign as president. As to whether this impeachment will prosper or not, there are two thoughts on that.

On a positive note, politicians can use this for their political mileage. We know that Ate Glue has lost her popularity among the Filipinos. Except for the people of Pampanga, being linked to Lakas-Kampi has seemed to be a curse for the politicians. It is evident in their presidential bet, Gibo Teodoro who seems to be lagging in the polls.

On a negative note, because it is already the campaign period, the politicians may be engrossed in campaigning and saving their balls. So this may not be a priority for them. Why waste time in session when they can gain more ground on the streets.

3. Edu Manzano, the running mate of Gibo Teodoro, who is running for Vice-President under the Lakas-Kampi banner is complaining that he is not getting enough funds or exposure.

Duhhhh!?!?! I thought he was famous. In the first place, I do not understand why he was chosen as the running mate for Gibo. He is the albatross of the Lakas-Kampi group. He has NO achievement at all. Darn. I would have probably been happier if Ate Glue were able to convince Boy Abunda to run as the vice of Gibo. As I said in the past, even Vice Ganda would have been a better choice. As to choosing Edu, uhmm..who he?

There is no use infusing money for his campaign. It's better to donate it to a better cause. Whether Edu stayed on or not in the campaign trail, it wouldn't matter.

4. Entertainment columnist Dolly Carvajal bumped into Anabelle Rama and Ruffa Gutierrez. When she pressed Ruffa to comment on the "walk out" incident on "The Buzz" a few weeks ago, Ruffa retortedly refused and commented that "I'm moving on and moving up. I'm happy in my new home TV5 and with my new endorsement of Nokia N97mini. Imagine ka-level ko na si Rihanna who also is a Nokia Girl (giggles)" . Ang kapal talaga ng mukha ng mga yan, is all I can say. Ruffa will never be on the level of Rihanna. On the contrary I take back my words. She is in Rihanna's level. Remember Chris Brown, Rihanna's ex who used to beat her up (and her seeming to luveet!!!). Well that's the level of Ruffa with her ex husband. Aside from that, there is no other similarity, this aging queen is going to get.

On a lighter note, Mark Bautista, has jumped the ABS-CBN bandwagon to join GMA 7. Rumor has it that it's not because he's not being given better breaks in Kapamilya. It's because he has to heal a broken heart. It seems that the rumor has it that he's leaving Kapamilya to forget a romantic liaison with the all-start hunkaloid (who's rumored to be closeted up to now) of this network. Hence, his transfer to Kapuso will be a new beginning. Perhaps he will find his dream partner in his new home.

And so life goes on in the world of Juan de la Cruz. Till next bitching....

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